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Code Sites and Tutorials

Amitís Game Programming Information
Bloodshed Software - Dev-C++
C programming.com - Your Resource for C and C++ Programming
C++ Language Tutorial
CodeProject. Free source code and programming help
CodeTeacher.com Free online programming tutorials
cplusplus.com - The C++ Resources Network
Database Solutions & Downloads for Microsoft Access databasedev.co.uk
Developer Resource, Microsoft Programming, Visual Basic VB and .Net Development - Microsoft DevSource
DevMaster.net - Your source for game development
Dr. Dobb's Go Parallel Programming & Computing Information and Resources
Free Java EE and Ajax Tutorials
freeos.com The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems
Geekpedia Tutorials Archive
guidebook Graphical User Interface gallery
GUIStuff Coding, formats, standards, and other practical things.
MSDN Code Gallery
Open source software testing tools
Programmers Heaven
Six ways to write more comprehensible code
Stroustrup The C++ Programming Language (Third Edition)
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
Ultimate Programming and Database Tutorials Page
VBForums - Visual Basic and VB .NET Discussions and More!
Visual C# Language (C#) from MSDN

Game Industry

ACM SIGGRAPH News ó siggraph.org
AIWisdom.com - Game AI Articles & Research
Behavioristics Usability and Playability Publications
Computer Software - The Monkey Wrench Conspiracy Social Impact Games Entertaining Games with Non-Entertainment Goals
Daedalus Project
Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA)
Entertainment Software Association
EA Video Games - Electronic Arts
Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games
Game Developer Magazine
Game Studies, the International Journal of Computer Game Research
Gaming World
International Game Developers Assocation
Multiplayer Online Games Directory
Variety Games

History of Games

BoardGameGeek Gaming Unplugged Since 2000
Digital Game Cannon project of the IDGA
History and Evolution of Programming Languages
The History of Programming Languages - O'Reilly Media